Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cedar Point memories

Heading to Cedar Point tomorrow with Anna. Been there twice before with her, can't wait.
I have been looking for pics of the park from when I was a kid, and thanks to the internets I found some great images. Remember these?
Remember burning your legs on this one? And the smell of the bags.

Ah Frontier Lift, the stoner's paradise.

I loved every single minute of this ride.

This was the best, they really need to recreate this ride. I have never been on a water ride that is as good.

JUMBO JET! Headed towards Lake Erie. Sad. Great ride.

LOL, so many memories I can't share on here. Great ride.

Sadly, it's gone.

Shannon Sweet and I were scared to death of this ride when it opened. They need to put one of the cars on backwards to make this fun again.