Saturday, December 31, 2011

A very special New Year's Eve message from JH2D

Tod posted this on his Facebook page and I thought it was worth sharing on here.

Go hog wild tonight!
We have watched the ball drop in Time Square and in Jackson, Michigan. We have hosted New Year's Eve parties at our home for anywhere from 10 to 60 of our friends. We have rung in the new year in bars filled with bear, drag queens, and twinks. So what does this New Year's Eve have in store? Putting the kids to bed, having a nice quiet dinner, and welcoming in the new year in front of a roaring fire in the fire place. Hopefully starting the new year in this calm manner will set the tone for 2012!

Yup, we're old. Yup, we're lame.
What are YOU doing this evening?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A midwinter's greeting.

A warm and fuzzy holiday greetings from all of us at Jesus Has 2 Daddies. May your dreams come true, may your every wish be realized.
Mine, I just want a nap.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Mizz'N My Kidz! A very special holiday edition

Eli's birth dad and his brother.

It’s the Christmas season! And, just like herpes, Eli’s birth mom is the gift that keeps on giving. She once again turned off her privacy filter on Facebook, and I was able to grab some more of her ramblings. Warning: English teachers and the easily offended should probably NOT read this. My notes/explanations are in parentheses.
· Yes, I Have A High Class, A Ghetto Ass, Luscious Thighs, Candy Eyes, Tempting Lips, Killah Kiss, So Wave Good-Bye && Blow A Kiss Cuz Baby Youh Cant Handle This
· Well Guess Im Goin Bacc Ta Bed, Dont Feel Good At All :'( Wanna Cry, Ive Been Really Emotional Lately :(( I Dont Kno Whats Wrong Wit Me...Gotta Call CFH (Center for Family Health) In Tha Morning && Get Me&& Tay In Ta See A Doc
· Soo Would Rather Be Dead, Than Ta Feel Another Minute Of This Pain... Its Slowly Moving Up InTa My Chest... Wishin SomeOne Would Juss Shoot Me... On My Way Ta ColdWater Wit Tay,
· M F G, My Daughter Is Fucc'N Huge.! I Love All My Kids Soo Much.!
· Wow, Got Some New Pics Of My Daughter.! [: !! Bouts Ta Goo Smoke A Fatty Wit My Girl
· Bitch Pull Your Hair Back And Suck L’s Dick... *needs a cuddy buddy* (L is Eli’s birth dad)
· Soo I Got A Ride InTa Town, And Still Cant See Him :( Ugh This Is Fuckin Irritating! Wit My *Ride or Die* Chick... I Love This Bio-tch!! Sorry, I Tried....
· This one hit home: B O R E D . . . Need SomeThin Ta Do, Who Wants Ta Hang Out?!? Aint Got Time For Games, && Dumb Shit.! *Single Girl Swagg* Fucc'N Lame-O!! HaHa :) Alayzia Is Huge, Now If I Could Only Get A Recent Pic Of Elija, Things Would Be Great :)) Wanna Cuddle .?!?
· And this… Hmm What Ta Do.? EveryOne Is Sleepin, Started Walkin In Town Earlier, But Turned Rite Around, Its Eff'N Freezin OutSide.! Need A Cuddy Buddy! Fucc EveryOne, The Only People I Need In My Life Are My Girls, Minus 3 Other People, That Cant Be In My Life, But I SOO WISH THEY WERE, Mommy Loves Youh Guys.! *I WILL SEE THEM ALL AGAIN ONE DAY* Even If I HafTa Wait Til They Turn 18!! (I am assuming that she is talking about the kids that were taken away from her, including Eli)
· Sitn at tha ER. Need ta go home... This shit sux... Super hungry... Ready for this money then bed... IF I EVER MAKE IT HOME... Whose got a couch me and my girl can crash on?
· Soo I Just Found Out, Im DYING.. Man Oh Man.. WHOOP WHOOP... TAKE ME WERE I STAND :/
· Gon` go back ta sleep... Im FUCKN HUNGRY... Peace N love ta my REAL people... Getn crunk tanite... No food so fillin our stomachs wit alcohol... (Always a good choice)
· L called me taday. Tha last thing i wanted ta hear taday... But oh well he is doin good... Thats all that matters... And NO WERE NOT GETTING BACK TAGETHER... I GOT A RIDE OR DIE BITCH, THATS DOWN 4 ME..
And then, the equally grammatically challenged baby momma of Eli’s brother posted these lovely bits. A bit of back story, she is on again, off again with Eli’s birth dad. Apparently more off now, as he is currently in jail.
Post: me and L is over now everybody can have him and now i can move on and find somebody to love me for me and that will except my son i am a package deal.. i dont need a man in my life to make me happy as long as i got my baby boy them 2 win they can have him im done
Comments: (She is A)
Person 2 so who was fuckin u over why did u break up if u dont mind me askin!
A: he is fucking my cuz\
Person 2 oh wow thats not kool how did u find out
A: cought him
Person 2 oh thats so bad im so sorry ull find someone else who will treat u right WAT HE FUCK UR CUZZO??? Bz!?
And, to wrap up this lovely entry, just found out that Eli’s mom is pregnant once again. Just in time for the holidays.

More about religion

Some responses to my recent post off of the blog:
A note from a coworker: I read your blog about the Church and completely agree with you! I was raised as a Protestant, attended a Catholic high school, and taught at a Catholic middle school for a few years. As an adult, I've concluded that religion was a man-made establishment meant to instill fear in the masses, although I do realize that initial religious practices (i.e., sacrifices and praying) developed due to man's inability to explain natural phenomena. People are afraid to admit they cannot provide answers to some of the most perplexing questions, and seem afraid to question their faith for fear of going to hell. Rather than admitting they do not yet know an answer, it is easier to make up something. At one point the sun and planets revolved around the Earth, right?!

The Church does some good--creates a sense of community and provides assistance to the needy--but I cannot tolerate the crap some of these priests spew. I only attend certain services for my family's sake (church memorials/ holiday events) and get so angered while sitting through a sermon. (I'm sure my facial expressions and gasps reveal my feelings quite clearly.) One even minimized the importance of education because it required critical thinking that challenged the teachings of the Church! Not something an educator wants to hear. I probably should have posted this response in your forum, but am quite private about my feelings. I guess it stems from my family's disapproval of my religious beliefs! Don't feel bad about not sending your children to church. As you stated, quality family time can offer far more valuable life lessons.

Thanks for getting me stirred up!

From a former student:
I love your view on Elf on the Shelf; personally I have always found that creepy. I too have a religion issue with my kids but on a different level. My kids are heavily, heavily influenced (attempted brainwashing more like it) by their Jehovah’s Witness Grandmother and I was raised bible thumping Baptist with religion issues of my own. Still looking for the perfect mix of some religious education but letting them know it is their choice and their decision on what they believe in. If they treat others like they want to be treated and don't end up in prison or a teen parent then I think I did a damn fine job by myself with no higher entity involved.

Another former student:
I am thankful every day for my UU upbringing, learning the world’s religions in Sunday school, in a non-dogmatic and accepting community gave me full perspective to find my own path of affiliation and truth.

From a fellow Thespian in town:
Not that you are seeking nor need any validation ... but I've read your blog and agree. When my children are grown, educated and have taken the time to learn, they can make their own choices about religion and church.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My own war on Christmas, 2011 Update

A few years back we bought the infamous “Elf on the Shelf” after hearing from many of our friends how wonderful the Christmas season became once their particular Elf made their annual visit to lord over and terrorize their children each year. If you’ve seen Toy Story 3, you know that Sunnyside Daycare is looked over by a mechanical monkey who sees all and rats out any trouble makers. Toy Phone tells Woody that if he wants out, he needs to “Get rid of that MONKEY!”
Your Elf is much like that.

Depending on how bad your kid(s) have been, the narc Elf will hurry back to the North Pole and rat out your progeny each and every night to the Big Guy himself. While this isn’t the Godfather saga, and severed reindeer heads are hard to come by this time of year, this kind of intimidation sometimes works and the gullible children fall under the magical spell of this parental ploy. A few years back, our Elf (Krewfie) went missing. Apparently narcs are the first ones to get knocked off on the street because after the Christmas of 09, Krewfie was nowhere to be seen. Not even a note or a tiny severed elf finger as a warning. While we scrambled for a replacement and a good story to tell Anna, the Elf at daycare went up and the behavior became a bit better at home. But like clockwork, sometime in early December, Anna cracks under the pressure and her behavior goes to 11 on the naughty scale. After a few rather big incidents at school, we decided that Krewfie needed a holiday up north, so Anna could take a breather and get her 6 year old shit together. I was seriously ready to start looking at boarding schools in Eastern Bloc countries run by former Nazis. While Krewfie hung out with the Palins, the change in her and Eli’s behavior was amazing. Suddenly they were happy, the behavior, although not perfect, was much improved over the previous week. After a run of goodness, Krewfie came back with a note… basically catching Anna being good. She has been stellar. She has been a delight.

And then it hit me, I wonder how much different my youth would have been if I had not gone to church and had the “IT’S A SIN!” shoved at me every time the idea of me being gay came up. I remember feeling much angst and internalized hatred for myself and for the other gays I knew. I also remember acting out, and not knowing why I was doing it. I wasn’t sure where it came from, but I know that the bible and my church certainly had a hand in it. So now that I am no longer affiliated with a church and consider the bible a great work of fiction, my life has settled down as well. I no longer feel unworthy (Thanks United Methodists!) and I no longer feel like a second class citizen or a bigger sinner than my neighbor. My own Krewfie has flown back north, never to reappear. My own internal compass of what is right and what is just is guiding me and that’s enough for me. I will rely on my Judeo-Christian upbringing to help frame it, but when it comes to absolutes about what is right and what is wrong, I will defer to secular law and my heart. For too long, I have had that Protestant Krewfie hanging over my shoulder snitching on me and telling the Big Guy that my sin is much worse (AN ABONIMATION!) than any others.

My hope is to wean Anna off of church because I know this fire and brimstone stuff is coming. They have already discussed the Ten Commandments in Sunday school and Anna seemed a bit perplexed about all the “do this, don’t do that” business. I am a bit confused as to why they are teaching this as adultery is a pretty big concept for 6 year olds to wrap their heads around. We have been told that she “needs” to go to church, but after much soul searching and discussion, we have found that we “need” to find out our own way of teaching her about what is right and what is wrong. We don’t need fables from a mistranslated book telling us what to do; we have our own Krewfies to help us with that. We have great stories from the library that showcase how to be a good person and do what’s right. We have DVDs of Disney classics from years past that show how character and honesty can make the situation right (with some snazzy music too!) So maybe Sunday mornings will be hang out and read or watch a DVD time. C

Certainly much less guilt and, as a bonus, we can do it in our pajamas.