Monday, November 8, 2010

Adam Carolla's kids respond

Adam Carolla’s two children, twins Natalia and Santino have recently gone on record as saying that they would have preferred to be raised by a Gay couple instead of their father, the formerly relevant “comedian” Carolla.

“He just sits at home all day doing nothing,” remarked Natalia as she played with her Dora doll. “Maybe we’d have better toys if Uncle Jimmy was our dad,” Santino said, kicking away a broken G.I.Joe from a pile of marked down “Man Show” DVDs piled in the children’s play area. “I’m just glad that Sarah (Silverman) isn’t our mom,” said a visibly shaken Natalia, “that bitch ain’t right.” The children are seem to be happy and well taken care of, but by the way they talk and pine out loud for a better life, it makes one wonder if comedians should even be allowed to have children in the first place.

“What if Justin Bieber was our dad,” wondered Natalia,” that would be awesome! I bet Justin wouldn’t spend all night watching reruns and yelling at Uncle Jimmy’s picture.” “Or making crank phone calls to people when he should be out looking for a job” added Santino.

Carolla’s children decided to break the silence after their father made the following comments on his podcast. Apparently podcasts are what you do when your career is over and you are trying to remain in the spotlight.

Said Carolla: Look, if something happens to me, I'd rather my kids were raised by a heterosexual couple rather than a gay couple, all things being equal. I just believe a mom and dad is better than two dads or two moms. I don't believe this, I just know this.

And Adam, for the record, we just know that you are a complete asshole.

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