Monday, November 8, 2010

Adam Carolla's kids respond

Adam Carolla’s two children, twins Natalia and Santino have recently gone on record as saying that they would have preferred to be raised by a Gay couple instead of their father, the formerly relevant “comedian” Carolla.

“He just sits at home all day doing nothing,” remarked Natalia as she played with her Dora doll. “Maybe we’d have better toys if Uncle Jimmy was our dad,” Santino said, kicking away a broken G.I.Joe from a pile of marked down “Man Show” DVDs piled in the children’s play area. “I’m just glad that Sarah (Silverman) isn’t our mom,” said a visibly shaken Natalia, “that bitch ain’t right.” The children are seem to be happy and well taken care of, but by the way they talk and pine out loud for a better life, it makes one wonder if comedians should even be allowed to have children in the first place.

“What if Justin Bieber was our dad,” wondered Natalia,” that would be awesome! I bet Justin wouldn’t spend all night watching reruns and yelling at Uncle Jimmy’s picture.” “Or making crank phone calls to people when he should be out looking for a job” added Santino.

Carolla’s children decided to break the silence after their father made the following comments on his podcast. Apparently podcasts are what you do when your career is over and you are trying to remain in the spotlight.

Said Carolla: Look, if something happens to me, I'd rather my kids were raised by a heterosexual couple rather than a gay couple, all things being equal. I just believe a mom and dad is better than two dads or two moms. I don't believe this, I just know this.

And Adam, for the record, we just know that you are a complete asshole.

And, don't you be an asshole. If you're going to comment on this, have the balls or ovaries to comment with an identity.  Anonymous comments will no longer be allowed.


  1. Is this for real? If so, Adam Carrolla sucks. Big time.

  2. You crack me up! That guy is always just looking for attention.

  3. Yes major Ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's just pissed he can't watch women jumping up and down on trampolines for a living.. Love the Blog by the way.. My family are from Grand Rapids... I lied there for a couple of years myself.. Do miss the family aspect not the snow.. Have a good one.

  4. What a douchebag he must be...

  5. I found your blog because by searching for a picture of Adam Carolla's children. I was a bit disappointed after reading this post. I can't help notice the irony of a "parenting" blog going out of its way to attack, and demonize, someone's children. Of course, unlike some, I recognize this post is probably an attempt at humor, A.K.A., a JOKE.

    Adam Carolla's comment was taken out of context. He finished the JOKE by saying if the Gay couple had a better minivan, he would prefer the gay couple. Considering he has twins (a boy and girl) I don't think it is out of line for him to imply a man/woman couple would be better suited for his children.

    I will readily admit, though I am a huge fan, Adam Carolla is rough around the edges. Even if I disagree with his delivery, his message is usually quite accurate. I totally support equal rights, and I do not mean to offend. But take a tip I learned from fellow parents:

    "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all."


  6. Do you really take offense that he would RATHER have his kids raised by a heterosexual couple? All things being equal means if he had a choice between the two, and either couple were the same in every way other than their sexuality, he would prefer a heterosexual couple. This in no way means a loving homosexual couple should not raise kids.

  7. There's is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay. But I do agree with Adam and I think most children would prefer to have a mommy and a daddy... all things being equal. Being raised by a single mother, I wish I would have had both.

    There's no reason to bad mouth Adam. He says a lot of good things about gays. He is right on about most things he talks about. I listen to him everyday and his career is far from over.

    Adam often talks about the fact that we as a nation have officially run out of problems. It sounds like you need some real problems when you feel the need to whine about Adam's silly little podcast which, by the way, is taking over the world. Muaaaaah!!!

    Get it on. Got to get it on. No choice but to get it on. Mandate: Get it on!!!


  8. To the first four comments, it's so easy to say someone is an "ass" or "looking for attention" when you are completely settled on your side of the pond. You clearly know Adam from atom. Try to be open minded about other's views, after all isn't that what we should be teaching our children to do especially when we are asking the world to be open minded about gay rights?

  9. I hope you all know Adam Carolla is a comedian. Do you all get offended sitting at a comedy show when they make gay jokes? seriously lighten the fuck up.

  10. And now for a real quote (to prove it could happen)... "I wish I had 2 dads. That would be so FUN!"

    This was said by my 7 year-old nephew (to his 4 year-old brother) after interacting with me, my husband, and our 2 year old son last weekend. This nephew is the son of my conservative, not-so-gay-friendly brother who's voiced concerns about our influence over his children and that we might present a positive image of a same-sex relationship. God forbid!


    He is also racist.

  12. Whatever. A person can't express what he'd "rather" anymore? All things being equal? Given the vitriolic slap down he's received here, all things being equal, I can see his point.

  13. Wow...seriously? You're going to call Ace a bigot or asshole just because he has an opinion (which 95% of the citizens of this country share)?? I thought you libs were the kind, accepting ones. You are entitled to your opinions and so are the rest of us. If there were no hetero couples you gays would have no babies to adopt and try to get the fuck over it. Live and let live, dude. Also, I completely agree with the post above that points out the ridiculous hypocrisy and tasteless nature of a "parenting" blog picking on 2 five year old kiddos. You people are jokes--now shut the fuck up, fags.

  14. Not really fair to take his quote out of context. Here is the whole quote.

    Look, if something happens to me, I'd rather my kids were raised by a heterosexual couple rather than a gay couple, all things being equal. I just believe a mom and dad is better than two dads or two moms. I don't believe this, I just know this. I'm an atheist, it's not a religious thing, it's a nature thing. Whenever I say this, someone says, "Oh, so you'd rather your kids be raised by a bigamist, junkie uneducated, white trash, racist heterosexual couple versus a very loving, well-to-do gay couple?" I'm like, "No, it's everything being equal. Exact same house, school district, minivan. If the gay couple is a little bit richer and a little bit better and live in a little bit better school district, I'd give the kids over to the gays."

    Don't lump him into the same horrible group as all the gay haters please. He does not belong there.