Friday, July 22, 2011

More on Adam Carolla: Internet Troll edition

A while back I wrote a piece for the blog on Adam Carolla and a comment he made about Gay parents. It was meant to be funny (like him) but apparently some people do not get humor. I chose to write this piece after his comment blew up around the LGBT blogosphere. Since the post went up, there have been quite a few anonymous comments from readers apparently not familiar with how to post with an identity on Blogger (it’s haaaaard!). There were also a few comments made by other bloggers who identified themselves, and I appreciate that. In this era of the internets, many people troll and comment without having the balls to identify themselves or stand behind their comments. Apparently Adam’s fans fall into that category.. There were quite a few that were just downright obscene and I deleted them. Yes, it’s censorship, but I run the blog, so I can do what I want. : )

If you don’t regularly read the comments, I have posted them here
1.Do you really take offense that he would RATHER have his kids raised by a heterosexual couple? All things being equal means if he had a choice between the two, and either couple were the same in every way other than their sexuality, he would prefer a heterosexual couple. This in no way means a loving homosexual couple should not raise kids.

2.There's is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay. But I do agree with Adam and I think most children would prefer to have a mommy and a daddy... all things being equal. Being raised by a single mother, I wish I would have had both. There's no reason to bad mouth Adam. He says a lot of good things about gays. He is right on about most things he talks about. I listen to him everyday and his career is far from over. Adam often talks about the fact that we as a nation have officially run out of problems. It sounds like you need some real problems when you feel the need to whine about Adam's silly little podcast which, by the way, is taking over the world. Muaaaaah!!!

Get it on. Got to get it on. No choice but to get it on. Mandate: Get it on!!! hill0ster
3. To the first four comments, it's so easy to say someone is an "ass" or "looking for attention" when you are completely settled on your side of the pond. You clearly know Adam from atom. Try to be open minded about other's views, after all isn't that what we should be teaching our children to do especially when we are asking the world to be open minded about gay rights?
4. I hope you all know Adam Carolla is a comedian. Do you all get offended sitting at a comedy show when they make gay jokes? seriously lighten the fuck up.

In response to all these, I have to say that I appreciate their willingness to step up and comment, but I wish that they would have done so without the cover of anonymity.

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  1. LOL I loved the part in the main piece about Sarah Silverman (that bitch ain't right)! And of course he wouldn't want a gay couple to raise his kids they would probably take them places and educate them which apparently he isn't doing (Again this was joking) Adam is a pretty open guy I wouldn't think he would care who raised his kids in reality... But humor is hard to hear in print sometimes I guess.

    Haters gonna hate!