Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Madonna!

Today is the 55th birthday of our most Holy Lady of Perpetual Ass Shaking. Yup, Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone turns 55 today. Madge has provided the soundtrack to much of my life, through both the good and the bad. I adore her. What follows is a side bar from my book that details the day we picked up our own little Diva. Enjoy. And don’t judge.
This is an embarrassing side note, but one that needs to be shared. I am a huge Madonna fan and love everything she has ever done. Confessions on a Dance Floor was released the day we were to get Anna. As we headed into town to bring our daughter home, I made Tod stop by Target so I could pick up the CD. The 20 minute drive into Toledo was filled with the thumping retro-disco sounds of album. I figured I needed to get this listening in now as my future had Raffi and the Wiggles penciled in for listening material. The CD case is still in the pocket of my door, a reminder of just how gay I am.
In case you still aren’t convinced, I dug up this old Live Journal entry to help convince you otherwise:
Today truly is a national holiday. It always is when a new Madonna CD comes out. So, a few of my students were running to Michael's to pick up some art stuff, and since I am stuck here until 9 tonight, I tossed one of them a $20 and asked them to pick up Hard Candy for me. Yeah, I am the gay for doing that, but hey, what's a true blue fan to do if he has to work all day when her CD comes out? So far, I like it a lot. It's not her typical stuff, but it had us bobbing and dancing in the studio as we previewed it. We were all pretty much into the groove.
The remixes will probably be killer, can't wait to hear all of them. Not sure what D.J.s are in vogue right now, but they certainly have a lot to express themselves with then they hear this. I hate to rain on anyone's parade, but this truly a great work of art. Certainly not bedtime story material, as you'll want to go and dance, but it isn't frozen in the 70s like the last CD. I could go deeper and deeper into my analysis, but I won't.
The day that Confessions on a Dance Floor dropped was the day that Anna dropped into our lives. Since we couldn't get into the hospital until 9, we dropped by a Target and picked it up on the way to take her home from the hospital. Years from now, when she reads this, she'll probably end up in therapy for that... but hey, she'll live to tell. I doubt she'll be too hung up on the fact that I put getting Madonna over rushing to get her from the hospital. We'll talk, but she'll probably just say... Papa don't preach.
Yup, that gay.