Friday, July 15, 2011

A Family Week Tradition.

Each July we head west to Saugatuck, MI for Family Week. We began a tradition a few years back where we take pictures of the kid(s) in a group of rainbow colored chairs in front of a resort outside of town.  Six years ago, we had to support our little Anna as she stumbled around on the chair as we took the pic. This year we needed straitjackets to keep the kids in line as we tried to photograph them en masse.
The week was fun and crazy with two other families joining us in the rental. The adults outnumbered the kids by one so naturally there were scuffles. Tempers flared, naps were ruined and much alcohol was consumed. But when we are home and unpacked, and we have a chance to go through the photos, the negative stuff (kind of) disappears.

So here is this year’s entry for the photos:
5 going on 15
You notice they are NOT sitting together.

Year one... holy shit.
A friend of ours remarks that god made kids cute so we don’t leave them on the curb when they are bad. I second that.