Friday, December 16, 2011

More about religion

Some responses to my recent post off of the blog:
A note from a coworker: I read your blog about the Church and completely agree with you! I was raised as a Protestant, attended a Catholic high school, and taught at a Catholic middle school for a few years. As an adult, I've concluded that religion was a man-made establishment meant to instill fear in the masses, although I do realize that initial religious practices (i.e., sacrifices and praying) developed due to man's inability to explain natural phenomena. People are afraid to admit they cannot provide answers to some of the most perplexing questions, and seem afraid to question their faith for fear of going to hell. Rather than admitting they do not yet know an answer, it is easier to make up something. At one point the sun and planets revolved around the Earth, right?!

The Church does some good--creates a sense of community and provides assistance to the needy--but I cannot tolerate the crap some of these priests spew. I only attend certain services for my family's sake (church memorials/ holiday events) and get so angered while sitting through a sermon. (I'm sure my facial expressions and gasps reveal my feelings quite clearly.) One even minimized the importance of education because it required critical thinking that challenged the teachings of the Church! Not something an educator wants to hear. I probably should have posted this response in your forum, but am quite private about my feelings. I guess it stems from my family's disapproval of my religious beliefs! Don't feel bad about not sending your children to church. As you stated, quality family time can offer far more valuable life lessons.

Thanks for getting me stirred up!

From a former student:
I love your view on Elf on the Shelf; personally I have always found that creepy. I too have a religion issue with my kids but on a different level. My kids are heavily, heavily influenced (attempted brainwashing more like it) by their Jehovah’s Witness Grandmother and I was raised bible thumping Baptist with religion issues of my own. Still looking for the perfect mix of some religious education but letting them know it is their choice and their decision on what they believe in. If they treat others like they want to be treated and don't end up in prison or a teen parent then I think I did a damn fine job by myself with no higher entity involved.

Another former student:
I am thankful every day for my UU upbringing, learning the world’s religions in Sunday school, in a non-dogmatic and accepting community gave me full perspective to find my own path of affiliation and truth.

From a fellow Thespian in town:
Not that you are seeking nor need any validation ... but I've read your blog and agree. When my children are grown, educated and have taken the time to learn, they can make their own choices about religion and church.