Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Carly killed the Tony's

In the time known as B.K. (Before Kids) Tod and I did many things that we now no longer do, including going to shows. I lettered in Theatre in High School and was a card-carrying Thespian. I adore musicals and love plays, usually the more cutting-edge stuff. “Glee” has top priority on our must watch list. We have traveled to NYC on many occasions just to see a show. Our family room on the third floor resembles Sardi’s as it is plastered with signed headshots and Playbills from the many shows we have seen or from the Broadway actors I have stalked in the alleys of Broadway and beyond. So how the hell did I miss probably the GAYEST Tony’s ever?
Easy, we were watching I Carly.

Yup, while the rest of the LGBT world was tuned in to the Gay Super Bowl (hoping for an Angela Lansbury nipple flash) we were watching the super I Carly/Victorious mash-up show on Nickelodeon. B.K. I would have had the Tony’s circled on my calendar and I would have pored over the list of nominees and plotted out trips based on who won and where we could see the show as it traveled to the midwest. B.K. I would have possible made something fancy and fussy in the kitchen while listening to the tech awards on PBS.
But this year was different. We had been out and about all weekend visiting family and after a long drive home from Grand Rapids, sitting on the couch with my daughter snuggled up next to me watching the I Carly special was just what we all needed. Well, all of us except for Eli. He wasn’t really down with the show and only came back when music was on to dance in front of the T.V. much to Anna’s dismay and shouts of “EEEEEE-LIE…. get out of my waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!”
So yes, there was drama, and there were Diva moments, but it wasn’t the Tony’s as in years gone by. Times change and that’s okay. As mentioned in previous posts, we are raising Rachael 2.0 here in Jackson, so perhaps a few more trips to the Big Apple and some more Broadway shows will help fuel her love of musical theatre and shows.  And maybe in a few years we can all get dressed up fancy, have a nice dinner and tuck in on the couches to watch the Tony’s together.
Until then, I Carly it is.