Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A comment from the other day

My recent post on the Tony's vs. I Carly generated this message on Facebook. I asked him if I could share, as I thought that this was pretty funny. He said yes.

Sorry to message you on FB. I tried several times to post this on your blog about the Tony's without success:

Tom . . . I find this ironic as I was completely the opposite of you. I never really cared for musicals and I didn’t give two hoots about the Tony’s yet I saw much of the episode on Sunday. My partner Bill is an actor/director and a Tony addict. Two years ago he dragged me to a Broadway Across America performance of WICKED! when it played in Portland OR. I loved it and we’ve seen it two more times since but I still didn’t care for the Tony’s. That was until last Sunday. We had just returned home from seeing our latest performance of WICKED! in Vancouver BC in time to join the Tony broadcast in progress in our Pacific time zone. Bill happened to turn on the TV just as Joel Grey was introducing the closing number from “Anything Goes”. OMG, I loved it! I must see that show! And, I am now hooked on the Tony’s as well. I look forward to seeing them next year. I enjoy your blog. BTW, (unfortunately) the kids grow up and (fortunately) you can return to your favourite routines in the future. Cheers, Mike      

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