Monday, June 6, 2011

A JH2D update

We hit the ground running last week Wednesday with preparations for Anna’s field day and surprise visit from Grandma McMillen, and it seems that we haven’t slowed down since. Let’s recap:
Wednesday: Field Day, grandma visit

Thursday: Prep for Cedar Point trip

Friday: Cedar Point trip

Saturday: Meeting in Ann Arbor, O’s Open Party next door

Sunday: Rose Parade (in our front yard!)
The kids at the Point.

Anna and her posse at Field Day.
The trip to Cedar Point was awesome. We rode in style in a chartered tour bus and got to the park just as it opened. I have never, in my decades of going to the Point, ever been cold. It’s always been warm and sunny or hot and humid. The weather Friday was amazing, bordering on chilly at times. We rode all the big ones, and had redemption from last year’s disappointment on Dragster (seated, strapped in, no launch). The new ride, Windseeker, was shut down for the day, not sure why. The kids had fun and after a few moments of protesting “I’M NOT TIRED!” they all crashed out around us and I settled in to watch “Kung Fu Panda” on the bus’ tv screens. We arrived home in Jackson close to midnight, tired, sunburnt and full of great memories.

Kid Central, waiting for the parade to start.
The O’s Open is an annual party our neighbors put on and it involves a lot of friends and family coming in to say hello and hang out in the Beer Garden. The Rose Parade, a tacky two hour event is right in our front yard as mentioned. At one point yesterday afternoon I would estimate that we had over 75 people in our front yard and on our porch seeking shade. Great fun.

So yeah, it’s no wonder I am tired and the kids are cranky. Summer officially begins with the end of school this week. We’re excited for all we have planned including Family Week and our annual summer camping trip with da Bears. Some big changes in our jobs may be coming down the pike, more on that later, nothing serious, relax. So readers, as I catch my breath, tell me what your plans are this summer.