Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Family ride

From L to R: Yukon, Papa, Daddy, Anna, Eli, Edwin
I have seen these all over the place and have half-heartedly checked to see what genders were represented in the sets. Not too surprising, they have the requisite Ward and June and assorted little ones to attach to your ride. I have seen them for sports teams and other hobbies, and have often thought it would be cool to market these for LGBT families.
I had to buy two sets to get two of the male figures; thankfully they were pretty cheap at the local dollar store, so I didn’t mind buying two. We’ll see how this flies in our town, the birthplace of the Republican Party. I have had two rainbow sticker magnets yanked off my car over the past few years; we’ll see how long this lasts.
Dear readers, would you buy these for your car if they were tailored to LGBT families?


  1. I would absolutely buy these if they represented families of varying types. Tom, I totally thought these were just a Utah thing, hehehe. I did a post on them, because I kept seeing them with the dad figure scraped off...not missing, scraped off.

  2. Love it! Our equal signs have remained untouched on our cars here, but our rainbow sign in front of the church was taken, I think.

  3. Bravo and good for you!
    All the ones around here are similar - father is always tallest and there are lots of kids. Never just one or two but several kiddies. It looks boastful viz. look how large our family is!
    One exception ; I once saw a van with two male stick figures, and a dinosaur. Made me pause and think.....

  4. How cool is that? You two rock!

  5. We had to buy them each separately, but we have the two of us and our two cats. The car is proudly parked in front of our apartment with the rainbow flag!

    Pride on!

  6. They should be separate little peoples because there are different familys everywhere. I would also like to see parents and kids with disabilitys represented (Wheelchair, leg braces ect)