Thursday, May 19, 2011

Raising a Diva

You might have gay parents if…

Tod posted this on his Facebook and I thought it was worth sharing. Not sure how this came to be, but the conversation over dinner last night went something like this:

Anna: "What is the most beautiful name you have ever heard?"

Daddy and Papa, in perfect harmony: "Maria."

And… scene.
Rachael has 2 daddies too.
Yup, we're those parents. Each week when I watch “Glee” I wonder if we are raising our own little Rachael Berry by subjecting her to our love of musical theatre. The finale of the first season had Rachael saving the day with a showstopper from Babs. When asked if she was ready, Rachael replied, “I’ve been rehearsing this since I was three.”

A dramatic moment on the sidewalks of Ann Arbor. Everyday is Drama Club for Anna.
I take comfort in the fact that Anna can’t carry a tune in a bucket. She may have a Diva-like personality, she can’t sing to save her life. Eli however is a great singer and can sing a tune after hearing it once or twice. Having sat through a decade worth of high school graduations while I taught at CCHS, I knew the horrors of the Diva + no talent + current pop ballad combination. We would sit on stage with our faces frozen in place while our ear drums committed suicide in our skulls each year as Polly McPopular belted out the song with much gusto and little talent.

We’ll send head shots and samples of Anna’s dramatic skills to Nick or Disney, and we’ll groom Eli for American Idol. While some pundits may feel that we are subjecting these two to our Wicked lifestyle in our Little Shop of Horrors the truth is, there are worse things we could do.