Friday, May 6, 2011

Updates for the week.

Yeah, just chillin', what are you up to?

My my, how time does fly. It was two years ago this weekend that the minister at the church we were attending pulled us aside to ask about our adoption plans. She knew that we were looking to add another child, but wasn’t sure what our preferences were. She mentioned that she had a friend who was a social worker and wanted to place a one year old boy with a same-sex couple. Tod’s parents were here for Mother’s Day so we danced around them and managed to gather up all the information the social worker needed to get the process going all the while cooking a fantastic dinner and keeping Anna busy. A few days later we were meeting with the social worker and mapping out his transition from foster care to a permanent home with us. I won’t lie; those first few months were rough on all of us. But now it’s like Eli has been with us all along.

As some of you may know, we follow his birth mom on Facebook and we were a little disturbed to see that she has given birth to another child. Not sure how that is going to work out, as we are not sure where she is at this time. We think that if the baby was born here in Michigan it would be taken away by the state, so we think she may actually be in Ohio. Regardless, we fear for Eli’s brother and what kind of craziness she will bring. The good news is that his birth father is no longer in the picture even though he is the parent of this child, Eli’s full brother.

And thanks for asking, but no, we are not going to ask to raise this one.

Tod is recovering nicely from his surgery on his elbow. The numbness in his hand is gone, so the moving of the nerve seemed to help the situation. He is currently in a cast, but that comes off next week and he goes back to school the week after. It’s been nice to have him home; it gives me a taste of summer. Speaking of, when is it going to warm up? I am eager to be outside and warm, not cooped up in the house shivering.

Anna and her sister Kara at the Fairy Festival a few weeks ago.
Mother’s Day is this weekend. We have so many wonderful Moms in our lives, but one stands out, and that’s Hillary, Anna’s Mom. Our thanks to you for asking us to raise your wonderful daughter and for allowing us to be part of your life as she grows up and matures into a fine young lady. You are a great role model for her and for her sister. Much love from us all.

So, dear readers, tell us about the special Mom in your life.


  1. Here's what I have to say about my mom: she is one of the most giving people I know and she raised 5 children, to adulthood, without killing any of us or walking away...and given the grief we gave her (ok, the grief I gave her...) she should be awarded a medal for her incredible restraint (and she never resorted to illegal drugs in the process).

    Please keep us posted on Eli's mom's choices. We'll keep Eli's brother in our thoughts.

  2. The special mom in my life was my own. She's been gone now for 18 years, but every day I am, in some way, reminded of her. She was a quiet, behind-the-scenes type person. Every inch a lady. She taught grade school for 27 years, quitting temporarily when my dad was stricken with terminal cancer. She took care of him night and day, as well as kept my brother and I in boosted morale form. She remained a steadfast lady for another 25 years, was a good mother-in-law to our wives, and a cool grandma to all our children. That was my special Mom!

  3. Mothers Day is an important day, but all the more important is acknowledging the importance of nurturing, strong parents of either gender. Your kids are lucky to have two wonderful parents, and a host of wonderful others (biological and otherwise) who care about them. All children should be so blessed.