Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mizz'N My Kidz! Mother's Day Edition

Eli's brother, in utero. I thought he was going to be safe in there, but apparently not.
Eli’s birth Mom, a candidate for Mother of the Year, has given birth to Eli's full brother. Here are some more ramblings from her Facebook page. She has no privacy settings on her page so we can glean this info without her knowing.

♥ Bitches Hate Me Cuz I Got What They Want ♥ ::She Tried To Be Me, But Didnt Work:: *Ha Ha Hoe, I Win Once Again*

Im 22 I Have 3 Kids! 2 Boys && 1 Girl! I Have A Fab Boyfriend, Who I Love 2 Death! I Used To Be A Trouble Maker But Now I Am Tryin To Turn My Life Around, My Family Comes First! Im Married To A Fab Women Named B (WIFEY) And I Have A BayB Daddy Named T Who I Miss Soo Much! I Love My Lyfe And Where Im At Rite Now! I Have 3 Sisters And 1 Brother, Im Closest To My Brother, He Is 18 And My Best Friend, I Love Youh J!
Stepping back a few weeks:

• Pissed The Fucc Off! UGH, 200 DOLLARS IN MAKE-UP GONE! My Wallet Is Gone, And My State Fone Is Gone!! Can This Shit Get Any Worse?? Now I Need To Figure A Way To Get More Make-Up And The Shit That Was In My Wallet!! UgH, Bouts To Juss Go INSANE...FUCC

• Sooo Pissed, My FoodStamp Card Shoulve Been Here Yesterday, And Its Still Not Here! I Really Think SomeOne Already Got It! And If He Or She Has It, Imma Punch Them In Their Face¡ This Shit Totally Sucks! UGH!! People Piss Me Off

• Bitch Is Boutz To Get Smacked In Her Shyt...Real Talk, I Dont Give A Damn If Im Pregnant Or Not...Cuz Theres Only Gonna Be 2 Hits...Me Hittin Her And Her Hittin The Damn Floor! Bitch Betta Watch Her Bacc, Hangin Out Wit Nasty Hoes, And Trifflin Ass Niggahz! All Ya'll Can Go To Hell! Bitch Say Another Word To Me And See What Happens Hoe!

• Ugh! Imma Merke This Nasty Hoe! Bitch Needs To Be Smacked...Bitch Yours Is Commin...I PROMISE YOUH THAT...

An update on the new kid:

• Ugh! Tired, Hungry, And My Belly Hurts...L Is Soo Gonna Merke That Hoe! Been A Alrite Day For The Most Part! Find Out Thursday When C Is Gonna Be Here For Sure...AKA We Get To Schedule The C-Section Thursday! Super Excited...Will Keep EveryOne Posted...

Someone asked if she and the father were back together and this is her response:

Hell Nah! FUCC THAT NIGGAH! Dont Get Me Wrong, I Love Him To Death, Hes The Father Of Both My Boys, But Hes Not Ready To Grow Up And Commit HisSelf To One Person! And Im Doing A Hell Of ALOT Better WitOut Him

And then this:

• Bored,Tired, & Hips Hurt! Cant Wait Til May 3rd! I Gotta Be Thurr At 5:30 In The AM, Then Surgery At 7:30! Yay Cant Wait To See What C Is Gonna Look Like¡ I Kno Hes Gonna Look Like Me¡ Its Like My Boyz Look Like Me And My Princess Looks Like Her Daddy! I Love All 3 Of My BayBiiz More Then AnyThing Or AnyOne In The World!!

But apparently not enough to actually help keep it healthy:

Bouts To Go To Bed, Long Day Tomorrow! Soo Tired, Bouts To Go Smoke A Cig Finish This Pop Before Midnight Then Hittin The Hay! Love My Life && The People In It!

And then after he was born:

• YesterDay Was A Longg Day, Still Havent Been To Sleep Yet, EveryTime I Try SomeOne Is Comin In! C Weighs 7.4 Now! I Love Him 2 Pieces...He Is Juss Soo Precious! He Is Sleepin Rite Now, 4 A Minute AnyWay...Be Glad When SomeOne Gets Here Later On 2Day So I Can Sleep! Soo EFFIN Hungry! ILY Babe. Your An Awesome Daddy! And C Loves Youh!!

• Layin Here Cant Sleep, The Baby Is Doin Good, Cl Is Here For The Nite But I Still Cant Sleep! C Is Soo Precious! He Has The Kutest Lil Head Of Black Hair...Proud 2 Say That Im A Mommy! I Love All 3 Of My Babies...Elija Will Be 3 In 6 Days...WOW! Loven My Lyfe...The Babe Got Me A Flower && The Baby A Balloon! WE LOVE YOUH CL && DADDY! Glad My Lil Bro Feels Like He Can Tell Me Stuff,It Means Alot 2 Me.

I take solace in this bit in her profile: I Used To Be A Trouble Maker But Now I Am Tryin To Turn My Life Around, My Family Comes First!

While I would like to believe that statement, her postings and her behavior tell me otherwise. I am thankful that Eli was rescued from this mess, but my heart goes out to his brother and I hope he is well and safe.

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