Monday, December 20, 2010

Papa's wish list 2010 update

Last year, I penned my own Christmas wish list in response to the epic list Anna created last year.

I have a few updates for this year:

1. Something besides “Full House” reruns on Nick in the morning. Anything really. Anna thinks baby Michelle (Mary Kate and/or Ashley) is adorable. I want to kill myself. Bob Saget is not funny. However, I do get a kick out of watching the hideous "fashion" choices of the stars.

2. Quiet please… the noise level is insane at times. And the screaming, it’s got to stop.

3. The end of diapers. Eli, get on that potty training!

4. My clean and spotless car. I miss it. The pretzel crumbs and juice boxes are making for a messy ride. Thankfully the tagging that happened in Tod’s car has not happened in mine.

5. Good health for all in our family as we head into winter.

6. Students who actually give a shit in my classes this winter. Yes, I had some amazingly talented students this fall, but I also had a bunch of slackers who wasted my time.

7. Still waiting on that self cleaning house.