Thursday, December 30, 2010

Best wishes for 2011 and beyond

As 2010 draws to a close, I’d like to thank my faithful readers and offer you all the best for the upcoming year. It was two years ago that I began this blog, and so much has taken place since that first entry in January of 2009. The blog has almost 100 followers and over its lifetime the blog has had over 10,000 hits.

Not surprisingly, the most popular post was the post on Anna cutting her hair this fall. Over 200 people viewed the page. As the New Year progresses, and my schedule changes, I will have more time to reflect on our lives and what is going on with our family and beyond. It is my hope to look in to publishing some of the text with some of the images from the “Dangerous Lives of Children” exhibit. There are many options regarding publishing, we just need to find the right market and publisher.

I would ask that you help keep this blog going by supporting the sponsors and ads that are on this page. Please note that the ads are not chosen by me, but are rather generated by the blog content (which would explain Sarah Palin’s PAC a few months back.) Your continued readership and support can make a difference. If you would, please share this blog with a friend, or “like” us on Facebook (there’s a button on the top of the page) we can continue to share what it’s like to be LGBT adoptive parents. When Tod and I began the process of adoption six years ago we didn’t have much information to turn to in regards to Gay Dads, so we are happy to put the word out there for any potential LGBT or straight parents to discover.

From all of us here on Greenwood Ave, we wish you and yours a very happy and prosperous 2011.

Tom, Tod, Anna, and Eli.