Saturday, December 11, 2010

War on Christmas update

Some comments from elsewhere that I thought were worth sharing:

First off, from my friend Randy in Grand Rapids:

Oy. Your post re: Christmas was insanely resonant with me. I've given up trying to affix some sort of meaning to the holiday this year. It's real hard when it used to mean so much and now you're struggling to see the point at all. I think I'm just reiterating what you said much better in your blog, but I just wanted to say "Word".

From Ed in New England:

My friend, you are not an atheist, you are disenfranchised. My father, one of the smartest and most christian of men I know, professed to being an atheist all his life. Yet, he would stand in the forest, or on the banks of a great river, or on a mountain top and proclaim the glory and wonder that He had created. His lack of faith was in the hypocritical followers of all faiths. His quote was "As soon as three or more people gather to form a church it stops being about the word and starts being about politics"

I struggle with your same issues as well. Keep the spirit of Christ's teachings in your heart and home and know that you need no church, no deacons, no pastor, no bishop, and no church councils to practise your faith. I suspect there are thousands if not millions of folks just like you and I, who have turned away from their churches because they cannot reconcile the ideals of their faith with the way it is practiced.

The discussion, both on and off the blog have been very interesting. People are respectful of my choices and how I chose to share them. This was not an easy thing to write or share, but I felt it necessary.

Blessed be whatever you do.

P.S. the photo is from the Catholic Church in Greektown. I found the caution tape rather telling.