Sunday, March 13, 2011

Answers to your questions

A few questions came in from the readers, here they are!

Anonymous asked: How is your newest child fitting in with the rest of the family? Any problems so far?

Eli moved in almost two years ago and things are okay. It was an adjustment for all of us, for sure, especially the little Princess who lost her throne. She is getting better, but each day brings improvement and new craziness. He is no longer needing the gigantic diaper bag and is moving into independence with walking at the store, etc.

From Ken, a bevy of questions:

1. How/where did you and Tod meet? Ken, it’s a long and drug-fueled story, read it all here:

2. Why does he spell Tod with only one [d], rather than two? It’s the Scottish spelling. It means “fox” and I think he is. His parents knew another family with a kid with that spelling, so they borrowed it. And yes, it means dead in German.

3. What led to your decision to adopt kids? This gives you some insight into the genesis of the decision:

4. What's the best thing you like about being a dad? There are many things to love, there are many things that make me crazy on a daily basis. I would say that the gleeful yells of “Papa! Papa!” when they come to wake me up in the morning makes my day.

Now about you:

I've noticed you're very tattooed on your arms, but your chest and back are not. Are you planning a magnum opus for those areas? As for the chest, I am too furry, and from watching Tod get his ink done on his chest, I don’t want that pain! I do have one small tattoo on my back, up by my neck. It’s Anna’s handprint with “Ancora Imparo” underneath it. Those are Michelangelo’s alleged last words, “still, I learn.” I plan on adding Eli’s hand soon coming down from beneath it.

Judy asked:

I know you hate organized religion for various reasons. It sounds like you may have had some bad experiences with some Christians that I (a Christian) wouldn't want to be associated with. Since this change, have you found it difficult to be in relationship with any Christians or has your experience left you bitter towards anybody in the faith? How do you look at them today?

I hold no animus towards Christians in general. However, there are a few groups that I hold in great contempt for their actions towards LGBT people and our lives. They are, in no particular order:

a. Westboro Baptist Church, the God Hates Fags people.

b. Mormons. Prop 8, you ALL have the stink of bigotry and discrimination on your hearts and souls.

c. The Catholic Church, Prop 8 as well as the many cases of abuse that the church has overlooked.

d. I remain friends with many of the folks at the United Methodist Church next to us, but until the church rescinds its stance on LGBT members, we won’t attend or support the church.

Erica wonders…

I would like to know if you have any intention of adopting any more children?

Hell to the no. We are the McMillen-Oakleys, not the Jolie-Pitts.


  1. Stinko
    I am late to the game and can't ask my big question..
    perhaps another March.

  2. Send it Spo, we'll answer it.
    March is only half way over.

  3. Tod sounds like a very nice person.