Monday, February 16, 2009

A special day indeed

There are two sides to every story they say, and I believe it.
So, with that said, it was 13 years ago today that Tod and I met. There were many things going on in our respective lives, but the stars aligned that night 13 years ago and we’ve been together pretty much ever since.

Oh sure, I was hopped up on pain pills from my recent wisdom teeth extraction, but that’s another story. Things were not well with my old boyfriend, and he was a little pissed that I chose to have my teeth pulled on his birthday. Frankly, I didn’t care, I just wanted a long weekend to recover and let the swelling down (for the record, all four were yanked, with only nitrous and local anesthetic). The ex and his friends decided to go out and left me with the cat and the phone. I was doing okay, the bleeding has stopped, and I was shocked that I didn’t look like Marlon Brando. The phone rang, it was my friend Doug calling to invite me to a party. I thought it over, took some pain pills and headed out the door. The night is a fog or faces and a dull thudding pain (kind of like the night Sarah Palin was nominated), but one face stood out and it’s the face I wake up to each morning. People knew that I was still with the Latino-who- shall- not- be- named, so they were a little irritated that Tod and I left together that night. While it would have been fun to run off into the cover of night for some romantic escapade, it was really pretty mild. We went back to his house and talked until late into the evening. Since it was Presidents’ Day weekend, we both had Monday off and the ex had to work, so we spent the day in Ann Arbor walking around, eating Korean food (mental note: not the best choice for your first solids after oral surgery) and watching “Mr. Holland’s Opus” at the movie theatre (hey, what else would you expect two teachers to go see on their day off?).

As the weeks went on, we spent more and more time together, and I realized that it was indeed over with the Latino-who- shall- not- be- named, so after some discussion, we decided to start dating once I had officially called it off with the ex. Surprisingly, the talk with the Latino-who- shall- not- be- named went well, it was no big surprise for either of us. I moved my stuff out of the bedroom and took up refuge in the back bedroom. After “the talk” I went to Tod’s and we officially started dating that day. Fast forward to August, and I am moving in with my few possessions and a very pissed cat. Things weren’t easy those first couple of years together, they never are, it’s called reality. But they helped us get ready for all the stuff that came our way with Miss Anna and all the craziness associated with starting a family.

So yeah, there are two sides to each story, and I am certain that Tod will weigh in with his side if I give him a few moments to collect his thoughts.
But in the meantime, here’s to 13 years of fun, family, and lot’s of love.

Here’s to many more my man.

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