Saturday, February 14, 2009

A comment from Live Journal

I cross post a lot of my entries from this site to my Live Journal site. Some comment here, some comment there. This comment came from my bud Scott, a fellow Michigander, on my recent post on our second parent adoption. His comment hit home, so I asked him if I could share it all with you... he obliged.

So I have been following your other blog and reading the chapters, and it has been very emotional (I know, how gay). See one day I would like to be able to adopt (Gerry hasn't totally agreed, yet) but after reading your post it makes me more and more interested in it. My parents have told me that I would make a great father one day, this was before I had come out to them. I haven't brought the idea up of adoption, because my parents are 50/50 on the process. My dad is for it, my step mom not so much. Plus I feel like getting ready to start school again, this isn't the right time to worry or think about it but I feel like life is short and I have goals I want to accomplish and being a father is one of them.
Last night at dinner, my friend Brieanne brought her daughter Lily who is usually terrified of guys with any type of facial hair but is fascinated by tattoos, so I was kind of scared to see how she would react. It turns out when I had her in my arms, she was the happiest she has been all night. Playing with my beard, tracing my tattoos, and trying to play with my food. One of my friends looks at me and asked when Gerry and I were going to have kids? I just replied when I graduate college and have a decent career that I can support the child.
So hopefully one day I will be able to be in your shoes and share that same fatherly smile as you and Tod do.

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