Monday, February 9, 2009

Teach your children well

On the way home from the grocery this afternoon, I put in a CD of a “Kiss the Future” mix from our buddy Jeb in San Francisco. Anna asked “what’s that noise” and I told her that it was Jeb’s mix. She then responded, “He’s the guy that married us right?”

It was a little hard to drive as I was both laughing and kind of getting choked up at her rather mature, but yet toddler-esque observation of what happened back in August. We talked about San Francisco and how we did indeed get married out there and Anna then asked “what is Jeb’s husband’s name again?”

I think it’s great that she has no issues with gender when it comes to marriage. This comment from her was not provoked or coached, but is rather the product of her upbringing. While some may be upset that we are pushing our agenda on her, the truth is, we are not. We are simply living our lives and she is reacting to what she is witnessing.

And, for the record, Jeb’s husband is Thomas, and he’s a great guy!

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  1. You guys had a baby out of wedlock? You are so going to hell.

    Why yes, I *do* think I'm funny - why do you ask?