Saturday, February 14, 2009

Daddy/Papa and Daughter Dance

The Daddy (Papa) and Daughter Dance went off without a hitch last night. Oh sure, there were meltdowns and drama, but Anna actually did okay. The meltdowns and the drama came from two different Dads fighting over a space at the various tables set up around the hall. We walked in on said altercation just as our friend Kelli was refereeing the fight. Kelli was the woman in charge and couldn’t believe that these two asshats would actually bring the drama to this event. Note to parents: Leave the drama at home. Oh sure, you have issues, but really, do you want to share your angst and embarrass your kids in public?

Anna and her daycare BFF Chloe and her Dad Gary

Okay, on to the red carpet details… We all got dressed up, wearing our vests and ties from our marriage in San Fran. We added black sports coats, and I wore my black Utilikilt. Anna looked amazing in her dress with the addition of a black velvet Bolero jacket. My kilt was either loved or laughed at by the kids. The Dads seemed to like it, but the girls giggled and pointed. I thought we all looked pretty darn good. The kiltThese girls were doing their best to get a picture of me, so I turned the lens on them and got their pic... they ran away screaming and giggling when I snapped the pic

I never thought I would actually be out on a dance floor running amok with my kid to the likes of Mylie and Avril, but we had fun. There will be more on this subject in a bit, as it was a catalyst for the whole discussion on adoption. Really.


  1. I'm imagining the question of whether to go 'regulation' or not must have crossed your mind. Which way did you go? :-)

  2. well, since there were a plethera of little girls, I decided to err on the side of modesty and went with a pair of black boxers on underneath.

    Yeah, I know.