Friday, March 11, 2011

March: Ask a question month

Over in Live Journal-land, March is "Ask me anything month." So in the spirt of that meme, what burning questions do you have for the McMillen-Oakley household dear readers?
Ask us anything. Just like Frasier Crane, we're listening.


  1. I would like to know if you have any intention of adopting any more children?

  2. I know you hate organized religion for various reasons. It sounds like you may have had some bad experiences with some Christians that I (a Christian) wouldn't want to be associated with. Since this change, have you found it difficult to be in relationship with any Christians or has your experience left you bitter towards anybody in the faith? How do you look at them today?

  3. OK!
    1. How/where did you and Tod meet?
    2. Why does he spell Tod with only on [d], rather than two?
    3. What led to your decision to adopt kids?

    4. What's the best thing you like about being a dad?

    Now about you:
    1. I've noticed you're very tattooed on your arms, but your chest and back are not. Are you planning a magnum opus for those areas, just haven't gotten to them yet, aren't interested in covering them with ink, or other?

    2. Do you still want a knitted double-knit dragon? If so, what colours?

  4. How is your newest child fitting in with the rest of the family? Any problems so far?