Monday, March 28, 2011


As you may know, Bob (low_fat_muffin on LiveJournal) is participating in a bike ride/marathon to raise monies for AIDS research. As you may know from my posts, I have been busy with the local Red Cross’ RED Art fundraiser here in Jackson. I was thrilled to have my work on display, as well as honored to have some of it sell. However, there are two large pieces left, as well as some 8 x 10’s that I would like to offer up to you all in hopes of raising money for Bob.

The larger pieces (about 20” x 30”) are here:

They were $150 at the RED event; I will sell them here, unframed for $75 each or $125 for the set.

I have four 8 x 10’s of the firemen kissing (From Market Days in Chicago) and I will ask $40 for those.

I also have some naughtiness left from the Dirty Show. Message me and I can discuss what those are in private. Yes, they are dick shots. Not mine.

If you are interested in purchasing a print, let me know and we will bill you from our PayPal account and ship the pieces out ASAP.

Thank you for your support, and a hearty thanks to Bob for doing this to raise money. The fight is far from over.

This is Bob. Ride Bob, Ride! To see why I said "SHUT UP Bob, go here: