Friday, January 21, 2011

The sick: We haz it.

Updates for the week, ‘cause I got nothing else.

We hit the ground running last weekend as our buds Rob and Mike came up with their nephew Harper. They were supposed to come Friday night, and Anna had been stoked about it ALL WEEK. Due to a work issue, they didn’t get her until Saturday afternoon. Needless to say, we had a category 10 meltdown and had to mollify the child with a trip to Jungle Java. But, once the boys got here, the long play date began. We went sledding, we froze, we drank, we had hot chocolate, we played Wii, we yelled, we drank, we fought, we had a near dismemberment with the snow blower, we drank, we went back to Jungle Java… all the markings of a great weekend.

However, once the boys left, we noticed that Eli wasn’t doing too well, it appears he had strep throat. Usually he is a bundle of energy, not so much on Sunday and Monday. I had a dental appointment on Monday; and I am now one step closer to getting my tooth put in next month. However, the surgeon had to do a lot of cutting and drilling in my jaw to get to the implant. Apparently, I grow bone mass very well. I thank all the dead people whose bones now reside in my jaw. My jaw has ached since Monday, and I am crabby. To make matters worse, I can’t eat chips or nuts. Dammit.

Tod and the kids had a snow day on Tuesday, due to the ice, and they went to the doctor to confirm Eli’s sickuation, and indeed it was strep. Thankfully, their doctor is our doctor, so he gave us all scripts for antibiotics knowing that we would all probably get it. This is the bonus of having a family doc verses a pediatrician and your own physician. One stop health!

So, we are all on the mend now, and we actually have a free weekend coming up. I don’t know how that happened, but we’re going to take advantage of it. We have been on full alert since the holidays, which I am certain does not help with healing. More later, much to discuss, but this is all I can muster now. The coffee isn’t doing it this morning.

Be well.

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  1. Been hacking and coughing and ears plugged up myself, so I can sympathize. Nothing worse than having your kids sick either. When mine were young, (now they're 35 and 39) I think I hurt more than they did whenever they were ill. I still worry about them when they are under the weather. Being a parent is hard work, no matter how old your kids get. You're both doing a great job, obviously!