Friday, January 7, 2011

FML: YMCA style.

One of our goals for 2011 was to get healthy and start working out. We looked into the YMCA here in town as they have a great facility and programs for kids all week and weekend. For me as a single person, it’s about $39 a month. For me as a single parent, it would be about $52 a month and would allow for the kids, but Tod would have to pay the $39 a month to join us. They have a family membership which by their site’s definition is two married adults and dependents as defined by the IRS. Well, we are married, and the IRS recognizes us in California and several other states. Seeing as the Y is an international organization, I would have thought that we would be allowed. If we didn’t have the family membership, our monthly fees would be about $100 a month, and substantially more than the family rate for sure.

I signed up as a family, and listed Tod as my spouse and his gender as M on the form. I even put our last names down, which, by law are the same. The woman processing my membership kept referring to my wife and I corrected her stating that it was actually my husband and that we were legally married. I didn’t get into specifics, because in my mind, marriage is marriage, but she pressed me and I said that we were part of the 18,000 who actually got married and our marriages are supported by the state and recognized by the IRS. She then asked to see our tax returns and I told her that we didn’t file, but are considered married in California. She went and talked to someone and they said we had to show proof of our marriage, preferably tax forms. I told her that we didn’t have those, but did have a license. She went back and talked to that unknown person and they seemed to think it was okay then.

Fuck my life. I am trying to get healthy, trying to get my kids involved in some fun programs, but we are being asked to prove that we are a family and married. Their mission statement: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy Spirit, Mind and Body for all seems to run afoul of that by this afternoon’s events. I am debating what to do, as this is offensive on a whole host of levels.

What are your thoughts readers? What would you do in this situation?