Sunday, January 23, 2011

Let's get physical: 2011 resolution edition

With my winter schedule being what it is (AWESOME!) I decided to join the local Y to get back in shape for 2011. I usually do the St. Bernard workout plan as my post holiday workout, but with the recent single digit temps, going out for a walk is not a good thing. I can usually drop weight pretty quick when I am focused and have a plan. I talk to my pottery students about muscle memory and how it relates to remembering how to position yourself on the wheel for throwing. The same is true for lifting and exercise. The last time I was seriously involved in a workout regime was the winter before Eli came (two years ago) and I was less than 250 pounds. I was also on my way to completing the 100 push up challenge. But yeah, having a new little one in the house made working out difficult, if not impossible. Yes, I am blaming Eli. It’s all his fault.

So with my new determination, I made an appointment with Michelle, a personal trainer at the Y and she kicked my ass and then handed it to me on a plate. Yes, there is muscle memory, and it sucks, as my muscles are reminding me how long I have avoided them two days after our meeting/consultation. Ouch. I am eating Motrin like M&Ms and have soaked in the hot tub for a few hours to try and relax my aching arms. I used to have a membership at the Y, but when I started at JCC 11 years ago, I let it go as I started working out at the college. But then, I could never escape work, I didn’t like working out and talking shop with administrators, so I let that slide and did my lifting at home with our Bowflex in the basement.

Michelle and I went over 15 Cybex machines, focusing on firming up and trimming down over the next month. I am not going to work with her each time, as the initial consult was enough to get me going. It’s also not cheap, at $35 a pop, but it’s worth it to have her guidance to get me started. We’re going to meet up again in March to see where I am progress-wise. It’s funny how after 11 years, my body remembered most of the machine and slid right back into the routine. What I wasn’t ready for was the reminder that 11 years have passed and I am not as young as I used to be.

So, in the interest of accountability, I am letting you all know that I am in this for the win and hope to get the whole family involved in getting healthy and in shape for 2011. Anna and Eli have the kid’s Wii Fit and love it. I hope to get Tod an appointment with Michelle so she can help him find his groove. The Y offers free childcare which is awesome and a great motivator for us. Anna saw the room the other day and can’t wait to check it out. It’s nice to have this option available, we are lucky.

Here’s to a healthy and happy 2011.