Monday, January 3, 2011

Another one bites the dust

We were able to secure a babysitter for New Year’s Eve and instead of hosting our usual in home bash, we decided to go out with some friends and see what Jackson had to offer. We had dinner/pizza at a friend’s house and then off to a great house party in town for a bit with our friend’s van packed to the gills with revelers and our booze. We should have stayed at the house party, but instead went to Jackson’s new LGBT (with the emphasis on T, mind you) bar, Club Detour, to ring in the New Year. We have had some fun nights there; however, New Year’s was not to be one of those nights. In protest of Michigan’s smoking ban, the owners of the bar decided to NOT enforce the ban and allowed folks to light up in the bar that evening. Since the ban took effect in May, I have actually enjoyed going out and not needing to use my rescue inhaler so I can breathe at the bar. Had I known they were going to do this, I would have brought it. Instead, we spent most of the evening trying to secure a cab ride home and actually stood outside in the rain instead of in the smoke in the bar. I was sitting on the couch watching a movie the next day, and Tod said that he could hear me breathing across the room. Yes, the smoke has that kind of impact on me, even a day later.

I sent a message to the bar’s manager and he told me that the owners decided to allow it for the holiday. He then told me that Jackson might soon be without a Gay bar again very soon as the owners were considering closing shop. Apparently they did decide to close up as the bar’s Facebook page has “out of business” as its status. So, am I sad? Yes, we need all the business we can here in the Suck (Jackson) and we need a place for the LGBT folks in the area to hang out as well. Over the time I have been in Jackson, there have been a few bars that catered to us; most have gone out of business. I am not sure what the problem is with this area. We are the epicenter of an area that covers over 160 square miles without a Gay bar. It seems to me that with the right business plan and attitude, a bar could do great. Until then, add this to the ever increasing reasons of why Jackson is the Suck.

You can find Club Detour’s page on Facebook. Not sure how long it will be there, but log on if you want to send your condolences.