Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Parenting at its best.

A coworker posted this on Facebook with the advent of his son’s newfound mobility:

I am in the early stages of planning for the great baby-proofing of the home. Considering baby gates for the stairs (up and down), cabinet latches, door latches, toilet latches, and electric outlet covers. My guess will be that most of this money will be wasted on stuff that either does not work or works too well. If you have any recommendations for products to use or avoid, or if you have

We did it all, and honestly, it saved our butts a few times. I lamented the day we took the babygates down around the house, as Eli had full run of the place suddenly. The kicker (and cheapest) was the chain lock on the front and back door, waaaaaaaaaaay up high. These were deemed necessary after we had a few episodes where the kiddos made it out to the front porch. We need to be careful though when are Moms are here as both are short and can't reach the chain. Hmmmmm...
However, we found this to be the most effective method for keeping the kiddos in line.

What did you do? What did you feel you wasted your money on?