Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Five things

Five easy pieces
Last year, we had to scramble each Monday morning for the must-see item for Anna’s weekly show and tell time in kindergarten. She was a bit bummed this year to find out that:

1. No snacks in first grade and

2: no show and tell.
However, Anna was pretty stoked to find out that she would be able to bring in her “Me bag” as part of the class’ get to know you time. A green backpack was sent home with the instructions to find five items that represented the student. Anna picked some interesting items:

1.       A ring bought in Ann Arbor by her mom. She and her sister each have one.

2.       A magnetic princess/doll dress up set bought in Saugatuck when we were on vacation this summer.

3.       An Easter sticker book (still figuring that one out)

4.       A picture of her and Eli on Grandpa McMillen’s John Deere tractor

5.       A book on a girl who has two dads.
She and Tod spent the better part of the evening searching, and then editing her finds. At first, it looked like Winona Ryder’s purse, crammed to the brim with random items from her room and from Eli’s room and various other locales around the house.

There was also a worksheet that asked simple but informative questions such as: Favorite food? Pancakes. Favorite color? Pink, natch. What do you want to be when you grow up? In a band and a Doctor. I have to say that if I were to have this assignment right now, I am not sure what five items would best represent me.

How about you readers?

What five items best describe you?