Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Daughter is Present: A JH2D take on Modern Art

The Daughter is Present, August 2011.

Hello dear readers and welcome to the new academic year! While most people mark time and celebrate the New Year in January, we teacher folks look at August or September as our new year. One of the traditions that I have is the yearly photo on the first day of classes. I have done it for some time now, and here are the pics from this year (and a few from years past). It’s a goofy thing, but it’s fun and it challenges me to think about a new pose and scenario for each passing year.
This year, I took on the amazing Marina Abramovic and did our take on her “The Artist is Present.”She sat in the museum in her red gown and stared at the folks that dared approach her in the sparse setting in the gallery. It was both a battle of wills and a rather contemplative moment as she and the public faced off.
For me with Miss Anna, it was a battle of the giggles and getting her to keep the gown on and in place for the shoot. Thanks to Tod for doing the wardrobe for the shoot. While it looks like a Snuggie, it is not. You can see the inspirational piece here:
And pics from the past 5 years. Please to enjoy.

The professor in me insists that you click this link and read more about this woman and check out the multimedia section on the MOMA site to see more.

You can also check out the Artsy link for more work...

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