Friday, August 19, 2011

Adventure Time on Cartoon Network: OH MY GROB

The Gays have always been known as early adopters and have jumped on trends and technology way before the straights can get out of their Snuggies and get on the internets. I will admit though that I was a bit behind the times when it came to Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. Our daily television viewing is Nick, Nick Jr., Sprout, or Toy Story 1, 2 or 3 for the 1000th time. However, I was trolling around Tumblr and found this guy:
I would totally put a ring on this.
I wasn’t sure what he was doing, he was at Comic Con, and yeah, who knows what goes on there. Many of my friends have gone (I didn’t know I knew that many virgins) so I asked around discretely so I didn’t look like a total noob. Turns out he is dressed as one of the lead characters from Adventure Time, Finn. I love the name (waves at Finn!) and love the surreal vibe of the show. Finn is accompanied by his trusty dog Jake and together they go on some pretty wild trips.

Anna and Eli haven’t got behind the show yet, but I have set the DVR to capture its goodness. One of the characters if Lumpy Space Princess, who is a basically a cloud, a badly drawn cloud who has the voice of a Valley Girl, watch and you will understand. In one episode, she tells one of the characters: “If you want these lumps, you gotta put a ring on it!”  And then there is baby Jake singing about punching your buns.  So, find Cartoon Network on your provider and check this shit out. It’s the best.

Yeah, just watch it. I’m not flipping kidding.