Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No ads in Times Square? Really?

Some readers will know that I love me some Morgan Spurlock. However, I have to step in and say that his recent project, an internet based initiative to remove ads from Times Square in New York City is full o’ crap. One of the things that makes Times Square so interesting is the plethora of ads at all levels. Every time we go to New York, I have to pass through this amazing part of the city. Yes, it’s garish and it’s a visual assault, but that’s what makes it fun. I hate to look like a tourist with my head pushed back straining to see what’s new each time, but I know I do and I probably annoy the native New Yorkers as I stop and try and take pics of the amazing ads hanging above us.

Yes, we are a nation that is full of commercial opportunities, and to me, Times Square is the Sistine Chapel of consumerism. Can you imagine removing the murals in this small chapel because they are too much? Me neither. Or how about toning down Las Vegas and dimming the lights? Didn’t think so.

Times Square will be another boring urban canyon without the ads and a piece of America will be gone.

Morgan, I love you and your work, but this is a battle that doesn’t need to be fought. Find something that really matters to take on.
Your fan,


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