Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Yes, we're still here.

Hello dear readers!

The life of a parent, professor, and as of late, pornographer, has been too much. I usually skip over blog entries like this when I find them on my favorite blogs, but I must beg for your understanding in this case.

Over the past week, we have had to:

1. Deal with the SNOWPACOLYPSE!

2. Deal with pink eye, once again this year. Not to mention Fifth’s Disease and the remnants of Strep throat.

3. Deal with a five year old whose routine was disrupted by the SNOPACOLYPSE!

4. Work and other life issues too numerous to mention here.

5. Get the artwork ready for the Dirty Show in Detroit AND prep for MINE/YOURS at the Gallery Project (more on this later). Art is hard.

And to top it all off, we welcomed our newest member to the Oakley (and McMillen-Oakley) Clan, Miss Kayleigh Anne Oakley. Her adoption was finalized this week in Columbus and we couldn’t be happier. Congrats to Uncle Doug and Aunt LaLa and cuz Olivia.
(yeah, Bitches, try and be this cute!)

So yes, the week has sucked ass, but we’re heading into a rockin’ weekend with the opening of the Dirty Show, the Daddy (and Papa) Daughter Dance on Saturday, and Valentine’s Day on Monday. We can’t wait. Stay tuned and we’ll let you know how it all turns out.


Tom, Tod, Anna, and Eli.
BTW, if you want to know more about the show in Detroit, proceed with caution to: