Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our network TV debut

(above) Anna's first acting contract and the filming at Tom and Dennis' house.

A post from my Live Journal from a while ago that I thought was worth sharing as the show we are in is now in repeats on FX.

Last fall, we were invited to a BBQ for LGBT parents hosted by our friends Tom and Dennis. They are the adoptive parents of five boys and were part of Morgan Spurlock’s “30 Days” show. They hosted a woman who was against LGBT adoption (and LGBT parenting in general) for the 30 days and this BBQ was put on by the show’s producers to expose her to as many families as possible. We were interviewed for the show, as the woman had a pretty strong feeling for girls being raised by men.
We talked for quite awhile, but in the end, we didn’t make the final cut of the show. There are however, two segments that show us as a family and an adorable moment with Anna playing on Tom and Dennis’ deck. You can also see Martin Contreras, one of the owners of the great aut/Bar in Ann Arbor as well as tons of other cute kids. We were bummed that Morgan wasn’t in attendance (he was on the Reservation during the filming) which is probably good, as many of you know that I think he’s pretty hot.


You can watch the episode here: