Friday, September 17, 2010

Fatherhood Friday: Ch ch ch changes

Forgive my lack of originality here today. I went under yesterday for implant surgery in my mouth. The tooth I lost last summer will finally be in sometime around May. Until then, there is a lovely post in my gum calcifying around some more cadaver bone. I swear to God, at some point there is going to be more dead people’s bone in my head than my own (no snarky comments please!)

However, I did get this email from Sue S, an amazing woman that I am honored to know. Back in the day, she was my cooperating teacher for when I did the high school part of my student teaching at Libbey High School in Toledo, Ohio. Even though several decades (Yikes!) have passed since that time, we still remain in contact, and for that, I am thrilled.

She sent this email the other day and I found it quite interesting:

ABC just aired a spot about the changing American family and I thought of you and yours. ABC also aired a story awhile back that was interesting.

You know the riddle: father and son are in a horrible car accident. Father dies instantly. Son is rushed to the hospital where the emergency surgeon says "I can't operate on him, he's my son" and the question then is: how is this possible?

In the 70's, the expected answer was "the surgeon is the boy's mother" as an argument about stereotypes and expectations.

ABC wanted to see if things have changed, and ran that riddle past adults on the street, and many had no answer ... but the best part was when they ran the riddle past kids. Some of the kids came up with Boy's Mother ... but the one I really liked was the boy who said "It's because the surgeon is his other Dad"

.... time out for cheers and applause.