Monday, August 17, 2009

Bloghungry: Food for Parents

The incredibly handsome and talented foodie at Bloghungry recently became a Dad with his partner Popmuse and they are going through exactly what Tod and I went through when Anna was born…

We’re hungry, and we want good food!

Oh sure, fast food is good for quick meals on the go, but in the long run, it left us cold. We did Dream Dinners for a bit, but found it to be too expensive to keep up with a new baby in the house. After a few months of trying to get into a routine, our minds, and our bodies were suffering. Both of us had put on weight and we were eating horrible meals. It took us awhile to find that routine and get back into shape with our eating habits, but it did happen eventually.

I wish I would have known about Bloghungry back then, as all this month he is posting recipes under the heading of “Food for Parents” and I am here to tell you, they are great. We made the crock pot chicken BBQ last week and it rocked. No snickering you pompous, childless, I-have-all-day-and-unlimited-monies-to-cook folks, this is the real deal. So dust off your crock pot, stop asking yourself “what would Ina do?” and enjoy this very flavorful dish. By the way, I added three canned chipotle chilies to the sauce and it brought some nice smoky heat to the dish.

Crock Pot BBQ Chicken Sandwiches
4-6 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
1 medium onion, thinly sliced
1 Jar BBQ Sauce
Tbsp salt and pepper
Rolls or buns
Put chicken, onion, 1/4 of bottle of BBQ sauce, salt, and pepper in crock pot on low. Let cook for at least 6 hours. Using 2 forks, pull apart and shred meat into chunks and pieces. Drain most of the liquid from the pot. Mix in remaining BBQ sauce and serve on rolls or buns.

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  1. omg. this looks so good...chilies. Never thought of that. What kind of bbq sauce do you prefer?

  2. I'm making this today! Screw the vegetarian spouse . . . I'll slice off a slab of tofu for her sandwich.=)

  3. I like good barbecue. Out here, chipotles are in everything!