Friday, April 22, 2011

Times, they are a changin’: a belated 4:20 post.

When I taught high school, I told my students that they could not make the following items:

1. Ashtrays

2. Bongs

3. Pipes

There were many reasons, first of being the fact that these items are for activities that were illegal for high school students to take part in at any level. “But the ashtray is for my Mom for Mother’s Day!” they would whine. I would retort that if they really loved her, they would encourage her to quit smoking instead of encouraging it by giving her an ashtray.

As for the pipes and bongs, there was the issue of safety, not to mention the illegal status of the pot. We fired at a very low temp so the clay was still fragile. I had heard a story about a woman who was hurt at a music festival when her pipe exploded in her face due to the high heat created by drawing on the burning um, tobacco on the fragile clay. I would share these horror stories, as well as listen to their excuses:

1. It’s a bubble pipe for my niece/nephew

2. It’s for my grandpa who smokes a pipe

3. It’s a musical instrument. I forgot to drill the holes. Can you fire it anyway?

I even had one moron open the kiln mid fire and tossed his pipe into the glowing chamber. It began to pop and explode a few moments later and ruined the top shelf of artwork being glaze fired. I made sure to tell the students who ruined their artwork.

But now it’s a different time. I have not mellowed with age, but I am seeing more paraphernalia being made in my studio at JCC on a regular basis. With the new medical marijuana laws, it’s becoming an everyday occurrence to drive by dispensaries and supply stores. What was once a rather clandestine activity is now literally out on Main Street in full view. One of my students makes $2500 a month growing pot for her client base.

Holy Herb Bongman! That’s a lot of cash for grass.

Let me think about this for a minute. We have a big basement, plenty of light, and a big ferocious dog. I may have to look into this second career option.