Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ted Nugent and reality

Former rocker, and Sarah Palin’s grandpa, Ted Nugent is back in the very dim spotlight again after posting an opinion piece in the Washington Times. Here are some of the highlights:

Basketball superstar Kobe Bryant was socked with a $100,000 fine by the NBA last week for calling a referee what the NBA thinks is a derogatory, ugly and vile name. To be exact, Mr. Bryant committed this egregious verbal foul because he used a word demeaning to homosexuals, the most protected class of people in America.

If the NBA had any true gay convictions, the NBA should host a Homosexual Night. During halftime, the homosexuals could come down on the court, hold hands and prance around the court to music by the Village People. The NBA could then give each homosexual a pink basketball as a symbol of solidarity.

Homosexuals are a protected class in America. If you think what happened to Mr. Bryant was a travesty, just wait until you see what homosexuals in the military do when they claim they have been mistreated because of their sexual orientation.

Let’s break this down for Uncle Ted:

1. Yes, Kobe was rightfully punished for what he did. He was at work, doing his job, and he chose to use language that was inappropriate. If I am teaching at the college and I call one of my students an “Inbred-Texas-hillbilly-pig-fucker” there will be consequences. H.R. will be all over me (like stink on said pig). I don’t think I would get a $100,000 fine, I’d probably get fired.

2. It’s about respect. The official, whether Kobe agrees with him or not, is there to keep the game fair and within the rules. Ted always talks about respect in his rants, but when things like this come up, the issue of respect is out the door in favor of free speech. It’s funny how the Right is like that.

3. Protected class? Are you using drugs again? Please show me how I am a protected class in this homophobic society/country. If you can show me that my rights as a gay man are right up there with your rights as a straight man, we’ll talk. Until then, STFU.

NOT in the Village People?
4. NBA and homosexual night? Really? That just doesn’t trip over the tongue now does it? Come to think of it, neither does “Cat Scratch Fever” but that’s another topic. How about NBGay night? That has a ring to it. And, the Village People? Maybe on a Retro NBGay night. Teddy, we’re all about the Gaga now, catch up. And, by the way Ted, were you in the Village People at one time? God bless the internetz.

While I am all about supporting the First Amendment, just as feverishly as Ted supports the Second Amendment, I draw the line at speech that borders on hate speech. Had the situation been turned and the ref said “Fuckin’ n*gger” to Kobe, it would have not been tolerated either, and the ref would have probably been fired, not fined. Both the N and the F word are loaded words, and they bring a lot of emotion and controversy when they are used. The NBA did the right thing and I applaud them for their actions. However, I am all about the MLB right now and am busy stalking Brian Wilson (and his amazing beard) of the San Francisco Giants.

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