Thursday, May 28, 2009

Anna better get busy

We did the BIG PIANO at FAO Swartz when we were in NYC, as all parents of toddlers will do. Yes, the movie BIG will reach yet another generation via this infernal contraption. I didn't wear my hearing aides when we were in NYC, as I knew the noise would be incredible and it would only be amplified. Boy, am I ever glad I didn't have them when we were there with Anna. The noise coming off the piano was crazy and loud. As I was off shopping for gifts for our host's kids, Anna and Tod played on the piano and made music. Apparently Anna wanted to do a solo as she got a time out for pushing another kid while on the toy. Hey Anna, it's New York, they will cut a bitch for stuff like that!

However, I must give mad props to these two for hammering out Bach's organ masterpiece.

Watch and be amazed.


  1. Don't worry Anna. You will have many more time outs when your brother joins your family.

  2. Wow. I watched and I'm amazed. They must be Dance, Dance Revolution followers.