Monday, January 26, 2009

More about me...

This was done on Facebook, thought it was mildly interesting and might generate some conversation. Leave a comment and let me know who YOU are dear reader. One of these is not true, by the way.

1: My grandparents are all deceased and I miss them much.

2: I collect autographs.

3: My favorite band is Erasure.

4: I DJ'd in a past life.

5: I dream of winning the lottery so I can focus on my kid and not have to work.

6: I love tofu, it’s vastly misunderstood.

7: I have way too many cookbooks.

8: I lived in Venice, Fl. for almost a year.

9: I can eat a whole large pizza by myself in record time, but I need beer.

10: I have a great dude named Tod and a rockin’ babe named Anna

11: I am planning on going back to school for the rest of my life.

12: I used to help my grandparents run liquor over state lines.

13: The Sound of Music is my favorite movie.

14: I enjoy writing random, off the wall stuff on other people’s blogs.

15: I am a vegetarian and have been for many years but I will lapse into carnivorism when the meat is presented.

16: I like playing Zilch on line. Don’t look it up, it’s a big time waster. I would be so much more productive if I have NEVER seen this game.

17: I have a Maine Coon named Lola and a St. Bernard named Yukon. I miss Oscar

18: I have really super friends, thanks for asking!

19: I enjoy tattoos and other body modification.

20: I am a morning person, but with the right music and coffee can be a night person.

21: I am a very warmed blooded person. I put out a lot of heat. Most of us furry mammals are.

22: I'm proud to of been raised in Toledo and experience everything that I did, but I'm sad that I don't live there now.

23: I had my ears pierced two years ago, we were bored on a Sunday. I am over them now.

24: I love my Ipod, it makes walkies with the dog much more fun.

25: I love my friends and family.


  1. I really hope you don't secretly love tofu, although in all the years I've known you I don't think I've ever seen it on the table or in a dish. I'll have to be more vigilant if that isn't the untrue fact about you.

  2. I really hope the tofu fact isn't true...I'd hate to have to worry about what you bring to the pot lucks from now on.