Monday, January 19, 2009

Hope, Change, blah, blah, blah

Yes, I was pissed when Hopesie McChangealot tapped Rick Warren to speak at his inauguration, as homobigots were not the change I signed up for. I listened to the arguments on both sides about this choice and I got over it. Flash forward a few weeks ago, and Hopesie picks homobishop Gene Robinson to open his cotillion this weekend. Yea! We got our voice out there. Or so we thought.
Now teh gays are upset that Gene Gene the prayin’ machine was cut out of HBO’s coverage of the event.;jsessionid=57055D493C19DFC4898EA6F36441E2D2?diaryId=9102

Listen, I was in marching band and I know exactly how he feels.

Need a commercial break? Do it when the band performs.

Need some commentary time? Do it when the band performs.

Sure, we practiced and actually had talent, unlike the dancing Petri dishes that were our high school cheerleaders. But hey, a bunch of band fags aren’t going to keep an audience.
Gene, thanks for doing this. Sorry that HBO cut you out, but know that those that were in attendance enjoyed and appreciated what you did. We had a poster hanging around the band room when I was in high school. It was a crudely drawn picture of a forlorn Charlie Brown and it said: doing a good job around here is like wetting yourself in dark pants. It gives you a warm feeling but no one notices.

We noticed Gene, and we’re grateful.

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