Thursday, July 8, 2010


We head west tomorrow for our annual trek to Saugatuck for Family Week. Rainbow Families Great Lakes hosts this amazing event each year and it is a not to be missed event. There will be some business and mostly pleasure as we relax and hang out with the kids. There is a sitter coming in today to watch the kids as we prepare the car for the big journey. Our first year with only Anna as our charge had the Kia packed to the gills. Now we have a roof top carrier and a hitch tray to hold our camping stuff. We will look like the Joads as we head out tomorrow, but being away for over a week with two kids requires some major supplies. Not to mention the house we rented comes with very little supplied. Bedding, pillows, towels are all packed as well as games, books, art supplies and plenty of sun block.

We’re sharing the house with Rob and Mike and Rob’s nephew Harper. He and Anna bonded this winter and had a great time over the long weekend they were with us. We can only imagine the chaos that will come from a whole week together. There will be side trips to Michigan’s Adventure, dune rides, and plenty of nights spent looking at the big lava light that are the sunsets over Lake Michigan. I shared my love of the west side of the state with a friend and they remained resolute in their love of the east side of the state and how wonderful sunrises were. Honestly, who gets up that early to sit on a beach and watch the sun come up? It’s way too early and sipping wine at that hour is usually frowned upon.

For more information on Family Week, check out RFGL’s website