Friday, March 5, 2010

Mistaken Identity

I was at Meijer last night, grocery list in hand, picking up items for our weekend. Tod stayed at home with the kids to expedite me getting the task done in a timely manner. When I approached the self checkout lane, I was crossing off items to make sure I didn’t miss anything while the person in front of me finished up. There was a giant box of diapers in the seat where Eli normally sits and the rest of the cart was full of groceries.

The lady working the lanes looked at me and made a remark about how I was a dutiful husband, out doing the shopping for the wife who is at home with the kids. She then remarked that I better get everything on “her” list or I would be in trouble. She LOL’d and ribbed the other worker in an attempt to gain her agreement on her assessment.

I reached in my pocket and turned off my Ipod and then I let her know that I was the one who made the shopping list and my husband was at home watching our two kids while I did the shopping. I then handed her the bottle of Captain Morgan and asked her to take the security device off the bottle, giving her my best STFU stare.

She didn’t say another word to me. I don’t mind being mistaken for heterosexual; just don’t make a big deal out of it okay?