Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The unconditional love of a good dog

Makes the heart glad I tell ya.

Enjoy the pics, and just be glad that I am not one of those crazy cat ladies.

Yukon is the best. Really.


  1. you two make a handsome couple!
    I miss having a dog - yours looks particularly good!

  2. He is a great dog. I balked at getting him at first, but he's matured into a fine beast.

  3. We had a St. Bernard when I was growing up... Unfortunately, I am neither a big "dog person" or a "big dog" person. Still, Bubsy (short for Nabob of New Edinburgh -- seriously... he had papers to prove it) was a beloved member of the family. He drooled and smelled more than most of us but we loved him. He was a big dog with a big heart.


  4. To Anneke,
    Welcome to the blog!
    Yukon is rather small for a Saint, but he has a big heart.
    I used to consider myself a cat person. He's changed that.