Thursday, June 25, 2009

The meeting with Eli and Anna went well last week. It was the perfect Father’s Day for us. We went to church and then came back home for a lunch of smoked turkey and grilled veggies. After that, we headed north for the big introduction.
Anna was a bit off the week before, as she knew what was going on. Her behavior bordered on crazed at times. I contemplated calling the neighbors just to let them know that we were NOT beating her. The screaming reached epic proportions at times. Her behavior, which can be oppositional at times, went beyond oppositional to downright naughty. We had a discussion with one of our friends and he remarked “Well, she IS a Princess you know.” I think she realized that her monarchy was crumbling as there was a Prince coming in to help her rule.

We got to the foster parent’s home and all was well. Anna was happy to meet her new brother and charmed the foster parents with her insane cuteness. The foster Mom went out and bought Tod and I Father’s Day cards. Apparently she searched 3 or 4 different stores to find a Papa card for me and couldn’t locate one. I was incredibly touched by this lovely gesture and will hold on to this very first card, even though the adoption is not yet finalized.

We played, we talked, and we watched the two new siblings get to know each other. Sharing is not a new concept for Anna as she has to at day care, but this was meeting Eli on his turf and he had all the goods. It will be interesting to see how she does today when he comes to see his new house for the first time. His room is set up, and Anna has been jumping into the crib to relive her infant days. We have a big blue Ikea bag full of her old toys set aside for Eli, but she has been dipping in the bag to reclaim ownership. She lights up when we ask her who is coming over today, we’ll see if that mood sticks.

Anna was pretty mellow and laid back on Monday, and we spent the day at the pool swimming and hanging out in the sun. Apparently Eli was wiped out as well, as we got this note from his foster Mom:
Eli was definitely a whipped puppy! After you guys left I offered him a bottle (even though he hadn't had one in three days, I'm bad!!). I thought it would sooth him and settle him down so he could sleep well. You know how you sleep when you're over tired. He drank about an ounce and lapsed into a coma! I had to wake him up to get him ready for the doctor's appointment and that wasn't until 10:30! He took a four hour nap then a two hour nap around supper time. Then to bed at 8:45! HAHAHA

Perhaps Anna will get back into the napping mode once Eli is here. We can only hope.