Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cedar Point Memories

I asked my online friends to share their Cedar Point memories… here are some of their responses:

"One of my best Cedar Point memories was going with my Mom, Step Dad and brothers when I was in high school - the early to mid 80's. The Gemini was the new coaster and we had a blast riding on it. Mom didn't ride but the rest of us did if I remember correctly. That's ok Mom, I don't do coasters anymore either.:)

Another good memory was going with some of my classmates during high school. I think it was our Senior year. The park itself was fun but what I really enjoyed was the ride there and back. We went without any adults and that was such a great feeling of freedom!!! Good times....."

"The summer after my senior year, (the Corkscrew was new), me and some buddies had season tickets. We worked third shift so three days of the week we would get out of work, ride our motorcycles to a gym in Sandusky, get a work out in and then go ride the rides for a few hours. Also, and as our anniversary was yesterday, Wendy and I spent two night holed up in the Breakers during our honeymoon. It was cold and rainy, so most of the time was spent in our room. ;)"

From one of my diminutive friends:
"Being too short to go on the rides! (no surprise there huh?)"

"sneaking "things" onto the skyride. The upside down house, the big fat french fries covered in vinegar and ketchup (fries are not the same at all) Being able to wear a tube top (would be wearing it around waist level these days)
Enjoy yourself!! We love Camp Snoopy and the breakers Hotel."

"The last two years of high school I was able to go probably five times-- and I'd NEVER been ANY place like Cedar Point before that. Always I went with friends, and it was giving me a sense of what life would be like in the future, when you could CHOOSE with whom and how to spend your time...No matter what else they added, I always loved the Blue Streak the best. I rode it seven times one trip-- I always felt so free on it...That last summer, when it finally looked certain I would survive my childhood and escape to the UM to begin an adult life-- that was the best time of all, because I had such hope for my future being OK now. The last time I went was with my husband and in-laws, the year after, when I was 19. I'd never gone for an overnight to Sandusky so I was SO excited...and so CRAZY in love, and happy to ride all the rides with him...."

"I can't wait till the kids are all old enough to take them there. I have been there four times and have never been able to ride anything; I was either too small or too pregnant...lol. So I'm really looking forward to enjoying all of that for the first time with the five of them."

"I took Don on his first roller coaster in many (many!) years, and he spent the entire ride chanting "I will live through this. I will live through this. I will live through this..." Needless to say, that was h