Saturday, September 12, 2015

So long, farewell.

When I first started my blog in 2009, we were a small family of three. Legally married in California but not here in Michigan. I started jotting down the moments in our lives that helped the folks that didn’t know us understand a little bit more of who we are and what we stood for.
I have always been very passionate about LGBT rights and the inequalities that we face daily. But I was especially cognizant of these issues as I knew they might have an effect on our daughter (Eli was not yet in the picture). I also began my book, a “how to” manual of sorts of guys wanting to start a family via adoption.

The blog, at the time, was a nice sounding board for potential stories to include in the book, as well as a place to share ideas and get feedback. I made a few dollars off of the site via Google, but in all actuality, I wasn’t in it to make money, I was in it to share.
But in the past three months, we’ve made significant strides in the world of LGBT rights. We still have a long way to go that’s for sure. But the coda for our story came yesterday as I was finally able to legally adopt Eli, almost 6 years after his placement with us. Our journey isn’t over, but right now, we’re going to take a breath and refresh ourselves. We’re going to step away from being the poster children for Marriage Equality here in Michigan and we’re going to focus on being a family.

Tod and I sat in our hot tub last night, talking about the exciting day we had and this subject came up. Tod posted this on his Facebook page, and it sums up what I am trying to say:
Last night Tom and I had a very surreal conversation one I never thought we would have. We can breathe, we don't have to keep fighting, we are married, we are both legal parents to both of our children, and it is true "All you need is love, but a Supreme Court ruling doesn't hurt!

So for now, I’m suspending this blog (like Rick Perry’s presidential campaign) and we’ll revisit it when the time comes or events warrant it.

It’s been a crazy long trip, and it is far from over.

We’re thankful that we have had you along for the ride.

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