Monday, January 6, 2014

Bearded Hipsters: From a female perspective.

This made me LOL on several occasions so I asked the author if I could share on my blog and she said yes.
Please take a moment and read this, as it is funny as hell. Leave her a comment and tell her I sent ya. 

This is a great tidbit from the piece: 

What the fuck is going on here? Betty White has bigger balls than you. Look, I know I sound harsh, but I’m actually trying to rein myself in. A beard is meant to keep your face warm. Seriously, that’s it. You guys had your warm beards so you could go out and hunt us food, and we had our boobies with warm milk to feed the young’uns. That’s why I love beards. It is a natural, physiological response. I want a man who can keep me safe. How did it all get so twisted?

And, I will point out that in 2011 I rang the warning bell for Hipsters with Food, also known as Foodsters. Alas, they have not gone away, and have apparently multiplied. 

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