Tuesday, July 23, 2013

An update on the book

You can scam us, but you can't take away our awesomeness!
An update for you all…
As you know, when my book was first published in December, we had some issues getting the actual physical hold em in your hands books printed. We also had issues with the formatting on the Kindle and other digital versions of the book on line. As of today, 2 Moon Press, the publisher of my book, is no longer in existence. We’re not sure what went on, but apparently it’s a potentially shady endeavor. A group of angry authors, all of us screwed by this company, are working on a potential class action suit against the former owners. Our day in court is coming up in August. I know that many copies of my book have been sold, as of this time, I have not seen a dime from the publisher for royalties.
In the meantime, my book was taken down from Kindle/Nook and wherever else I could find it. I have to republish and find a distributor for those that want an actual physical copy. I have a few available, so get em while they’re hot; they’re collector’s items now.
I will republish my book exclusively on Kindle some time later this week. The issues with the formatting will be gone and the book should be much more readable on your device with this version.  It’s been a journey and a whole lot of work to do this, but now the money will come directly to our family and not line the pockets of the two miscreants who scammed us.
I appreciate your support and I look forward to sharing with you the new and improved version of my book.



  1. Do you have physical copies of your book on sale somewhere?

    1. Email me and I can ship one to you. taoakley@gmail.com